Consulting at the highest levels

Health & Medical

Healthcare experts in the fields of Remote  & Austere medicine; Aviation Medicine; Maritime Medicine and Tactical Combat Casualty Care as well as Prolonged Field Care and Medical Evacuation. . 

Security Expertise

Over 25 years in Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces, International Peacekeeping, Executive Protection of Heads of State and Fortune 500 Corporations including Physical, Cyber/Crypt, Aviation and Maritime Security.

Investigations & Recovery

Experienced, Educated and Executive Command Staff Director of International Investigations including the UN, Interpol, Europol for Major Crimes bringing War Criminals in front of the Hague. 

It just get's better...

Leadership Seminars

Jacob More has over three decades of expertise in the Israeli Defense Force; Combat Search & Rescue which is a part of the Special Forces. Jacob has taught to the highest levels in leadership including the Israeli Police, Defense Force, Mogan David Adom and Secret Service. He teaches how to work under high stress situations while keeping a cool head. 

Gearing Up!

Professionals in this niche need gear that is not typical. Specialized gear from plate carriers, tactical and TacMed bags to breaching, weapon/ammo pouches and comm's that are proven. We provide the highest quality including companies like Tasmanian Tiger USA, Snugpak USA & North American Rescue 

ASO - DCA - Ronald Reagan Airport

When traveling to DCA Airport, you are required to have a DHS/TSA approved "Armed Security Officer". We can provide the ASO who can be flexible and continue on to assist for high threat once you land. Call for more information. 

Leadership Seminars by Jacob More, Israeli Special Forces Paramedic; three decades of service.